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I recently got a high spec dell xps m1530 laptop. Couldnt have been arsed customising it much.

Pretty good for graphics development etc.
2ghz dual core,
4gb ram,
256 nvidia 8600 GT M.
15.4′ wide screen.
HDMI out,

Lots of other stuff included for a reasonable price. Thing is very light and portable too. Definately, great for most development.

For 3d max, as far as i can see ram is the most important for this tool. I’m sure Pete and all the other regular max users on here can comment more on that aspect. But ram seems to be the most common complaint when it comes to max.

As for the argument of full screen debugging (and triple monitors?? c’mon most developers would be lucky to have two :P ), your going to have this issue with anything that isnt a dual screen system at least. Although it really annoys me, why people dont debug in windows mode is beyond me. Seems to me, typically people dont support windows mode because they are too lazy to write the code to reload everything on a graphics mode switch.. If you are then just use managed directx and be done with it.

Conclusion, id say go for a nice xps, their sweet, tidy, reasonably priced and they’re awesome for development.