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Again I’m not an artist and I’m not used to looking at show reels. But heres my 2 cents.

1: 3D character animations IMO looks like they are unfinished. Sure it animates, but perhaps them being skinned and animated might look better. It woudl looks more like its game ready.

2: Dog animation looks totally unnatural. It looks like its twitching\jittering too much.

3: Perhaps footage of your animations in a game scene might be a good idea. Unreal (lots more engines) allow you to do this in a relatively easy and straight forward manner. Showing your characters interacting in a scene will defo be worth it. Employers would really take notice. It would say; not only can this guy animate but he can get the characters exported and into the game, and working!

On that point I recently spoke to an industry artist about what should go into a show reel (purely out of my own interest). He reckoned that the majority of show reels he’s seen don’t demonstrate to an employer that this guy\girl knows how to take an art asset from concept through to it being in game.
He said it’s not just the art bit thats important, its the exporting, tools pipeline and tweaking to get the piece of work looking great in a scene. He also recommended work be posted to cgsociety for review from people you dont know and wont be afraid o tell you exactly what they think of it, as constructive criticism will help you produce higher quality work.

After all in a real world game studio, artist dont just do the asset and expect a programmer to export it and get it working in game. I would imagine this sort of artist wouldnt last long in a studio ;)