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Thanks for the template Kyotokid :)

Again another non artist, although I do have to look at how animations support communication (i.e does a character look like they were trying to block or strike, is it clear), and I ask about what makes a godd show reel as well for other people. So from my limited point of view:

1. Bag of Flour –

Loved it, but felt it was unclear, could that be because you had to drop quality to fit it on youtube? The hand drawn animation demonstrates that you know more than just 3D animation, which is very important/ Flicker annoyed me, but that might be forgivable by an actual animator (or it might be a hienous crime for not polishing enough)

2. Walk cycle with gun

The left leg’s return is too straight, or something. I’m not an expert, but its movement looks out of place with the rest of the animation.

3.Dog animation

Didn’t look right to me. The skin deformation looked good, did you rig it? The movement is unnnatural to my eyes. What is your speciality in animation? Bipeds, quadrpaeds, unusual shapes? If you’re going to show quadraped stuff make sure its dead on. You’re coming across as a generalist, which is a good base, but I think specialists have a better chance of getting in the door.

4. 2D characters

Another great bit of 2D animation, but these are taking up a lot of your showreel. If you’re after a cg animation job its better to show stuff that can be used in a game.

5.2D block walkcycle

Seems cool, but is indistinct. I’m guessing the white circles are hands, but then there’s those low hanging red bits above the ‘legs’. Its not a good thing to confuse someone reviewing your showreel. I’d give some advice on clearing up that piece but I’m too confused as to what your goal is there.

6. Bag of Flour

More hand drawn 2D? Make it clear in your showreel what you’re aiming for. At this point a viewer could be thinking videogames is your second preference.

7. 3D head

Every piece of the showreel should be there for a reason. What does this head do for you?

8. Run Cycle

Popping when left arm is behind.

9. 2D whip

Again hand drawn 2D? You know what I would say here. Also right leg is very straight in contrast to the fluid motion elsewhere.

10. 2D head with eyeball

Too short. Want more. I’m assuming this is CG and not cell drawn.

11. bag of floor – grand, I like.

Your last piece should be the impression you want to leave the viewer with. And you know what I think about emphasising the hand drawn work.

Ok summary time. To my eyes you are a good animator, quite possibly excellent. There is too much emphasis on hand drawn stuff, its too much because it can’t be used in games. You should certainly include some of it to demonstrate your understanding of animation principles.

Every frame of your showreel should be telling a potential employer that you are skilled, focused and relevant to their area. THe reel is too broad in scope at the moment. If you are also going for film/tv work then have a sperate reel for that.

As suggested above do some in game stuff. If I saw a side by side view of a rendered animation, and a game character doing the same animation I would be impressed i.e. lefthand side of the screen is max/maya/xsi right hand side is unreal/farcry/second life.

Excellent stuff mate, decide what you want and edit the show reel to make it clear