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Lot of points in there. Good to have the discussion.

New Forum: I don’t get the impact a new forum tech will have? Is that really the reason we have so few posts? Kyotokid can you give a link to a site that shows how forum should be.

Forum Help: That said I can do web app dev (java backend & jsp frontend stuff), not php though. Holler if there is something I could do.

Fundraiser: I understood DemonWare kindly help with server costs no?
Would a monthly prize for new articles make sense? Maybe just a sponsored voucher for Game/GameStop.

Lack of students\teachers posts: Yeah that is poor, but events like the recent game jam have to be raising the profile.

Lack of fostering atmosphere: People are tired of writing the same responses for 1 time posters, I think it is fair to say "google it" and come back and show us you have tried. Hand-ups not handouts. And we can’t support what we can’t see, if someone shows gameplay or screenshots or even design docs I’m sure they would get constructive feedback. If that becomes the main direction of the site the space may indeed need to change to make that process easier.

Profiles & collaboration: I agree wholly. Collaboration would be great. But except for dare and Phil’s hard work I just don’t hear about any indie projects more than once a year (And then aim is usually way to high). What would it take to stimulate? More competitions? Hit up dell for an xps, MS for windows phone 7…

I call on people from time to time with opportunities (however lowly paid :) ) but those I know for sure have the skill set to deliver are always in too high demand. Portfolios and better profiles would help me find other people to call on.

Ex-pats: I guess we should all ask for articles from anyone we know.

Company Involvement: Again events that show off talent and initiative will attract them to be involved. After all they want a handy hiring pool. Can’t leave it to John and Aphra every time though. Mind you I couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery.

People make the site. We know there are interesting projects and talented people out there with sage advice but god damn if they don’t make it hard to find them.