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Lots of great points there Dillion!

If people are interested in kick starting the indie dev aspect of gd.ie again then they should start a project that is suited to that working style, like an education game. People who want to work on an indie FPS or racer are more likely to work on their own game or one with their friends rather than giving their work to people they don’t really know. [/quote:e99033d4ee]

I (politely) disagree :) There are lots of artists here who could help take iPhone projects to the next level. If people collaborate they can make more appealing games and share the bounty. In any other country people would team up and make games. We don’t seem to have this culture :? Why isn’t there an indie racer coming out, I’ve seem some prototypes posted here (forgive me I forget who it was) but I am puzzled by the lack of small teams. They can even be in different parts of the country. Lots of people want to get into games development, but lets face it, no studio is going to locate in Ireland so its about time people start something themselves. If this forum should be be the fostering\meeting point…& shindigs ofcourse!

As for company involvement in keeping the site alive and relevant, forget it. Having a company pay to keep the site up is a luxury but expecting companies to contribute content and resources when the general members of the site aren’t doing that is naive. If the member are active and there is something to attract them then the companies will make their presence know here but right now there’s nothing much for them to see. [/quote:e99033d4ee]

I don’t want them to pay anything, I want them to show an interest. havok moaned about not being able to find any Irish engineers, who when was the last time we heard a peep from them. They are thee most successful Irish game company after all. I guess its up to us to chase after the likes of Popcap for an interview (like gamesindustry.biz did). How about a studio tour of Activision or an insight into what these places are like to work for etc…Requires a bit of work I know :D