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I guess its up to us to chase after the likes of Popcap for an interview (like gamesindustry.biz did). How about a studio tour of Activision or an insight into what these places are like to work for etc…Requires a bit of work I know :D[/quote:a939c5611f]

Well this doesn’t involve them contributing money but something more valuable, time, and I don’t see them doing that until gd.ie can prove that it won’t be time wasted on it’s members and right now there’s nothing on the site to prove that. We should remember that this site has a relatively small target audience, since it’s an Irish centric site, so expecting the same attention that site with an international focus get it a bit ambitious, for now at lease :)

As for the whole indie project thing, I have no major experience in this area I just can’t see the drop in open indie projects and the rise in digital distribution platforms with limited barriers of entry as a coincidence.