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I know I dont post too often but finally I have something to say.
There is a lot that can be done the site, IF people really want to.
I think what is interesting to note is that the admins haven’t put in anything to it. If they dont care about the site anymore why not move over and let someone else do it.
I personally would love to see the site updated and the forum changed in a major way.

As John said people wouldnt be able to speak freely about the courses they are doing here without either sucking up or getting annoyed by some aspect of their course and using this site to slate it. If there was to be a place where people talked about the courses they did then they should have to say something positive as well as negative to keep it fair or the post gets removed and the person creating it gets a little ban……

Getting people in the industry to help out is a fantastic idea, but if we could just start off with some of the lectures on courses here keeping an eye on the and helping out anyone with a legitimate question. Not the "how do I get into games" ones, but real questions. It wouldnt take long out of their day. Then if this really kicked off well, maybe people working in the industry might start wanting to be apart of it.

Just as an example of how the admins might have lost all hope for the course, the companies page desperately needs to be updated, a quarter of links for the companies listed dont work anymore and there is non mention of Activision or any of the others.

Id love to see this site really start to do well, but it is going to take alot of work by people. Not sure if there is that much dedication left (cept for the people posting on this thread of course). It always seems to be the same people posting. I do think everyone has a good idea for what need to be done to the site, lets hope someone can get it done now though.

Oh and the co-lab idea I think is great.
Would love to do some work with other people in Ireland, even if its just for fun.