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The more i’ve been thinking about this, the more ambitious I’m getting. For the last day or two, I’ve been formulating an idea of either a dedicated section on this site or possibly a whole new one.

It may have been done a dozen times before but from my own experience, the key to getting a games job is a good portfolio and collaborative projects are usually more impressive as well as showing an ability to work in a team. With the number of game specific courses in Ireland and the interest that is displayed online, I think it could indeed be feasible to have and keep afloat a section/website dedicated to projects for people to work on. People would be able to learn new skills, build contacts and flesh out their portfolios and for senior guys who are already in the industry could perhaps mentor groups?

Personally, I’d be interested in getting back into game development and i did enjoy working in teams so hopefully i’m not alone :oops:

Also, as someone who started a games company and had to shut it down a year later, I’d be happy to contribute to buisness side (mainly on what NOT to do :P )