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Benchmarking on a course is an ongoing process, so if courses are new then often the benchmarks are immature – i.e. not litmus tested by putting graduates into the marketplace.
Everybody has an opinion on what should be the requisite standard of education from a course…but the year-on-year policy for overall standards in benchmarking tests and coursework evaluation comes from…the government!
If they want 50% of the school-leavers population to go into college, which they do, standards of second level education must come down – which they have. If the colleges then want to stay in business, they have to pass a majority of these suddenly-less-qualified new entrants.
Its all politics, and not a damn thing anyone short of the ministerial level political body can do about it, not quickly anyway…
So Ronny is shit out of luck. If the upsurge in game dev courses really is a bandwagon reflecting a national-level desire to attract more university candidates, then simply don’t do one.
I personally don’t see the point. Anyone can find out what skills game developers are in need of, and then all you have to do is teach yourself. Thats what the internet is for. So its a little extra work…thats gonna be your whole career in games.
If you wanna be a computer scientist, study computer science. I’ve never yet applied the Pi calculus, but at least I know I can…