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I’m out in Ballyfermot on the course that Shane Whelan co-ordinates, the lessons learned at Kapooki have had an important part in the development of the course I think. Having talked to a few friends that are studying games design in the UK, the format and modules of the course in Ballyfermot seem to have greatly benefited from the experience and the mistakes made in Kapooki, the course is only 2 years but looking at the standard of work being produced by my classmates and their mentality, It compares favourably with the work I have seem coming from people in degree courses in the UK. Many of us would probably kill to get a 3rd year in Ballyfermot and not because we feel under prepared. That’s not bravado "I’m great, I know it all when it comes to games design" many of us are heading on to Degree’s at the end of this year to continue learning, It’s just that we appreciate how much we can get from Shane and his experiance in Kapooki out in Ballyfermot.

Ya, pretty depressing alright..
Not very motativing for start ups in ireland.[/quote:d821a2f3f1]

I hope there is a silver lining, hopefully Kapooki teaches lessons rather frightening everyone away.