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The GPRS settings I have on my Treo are:

Connection: GPRS
Username: dublin
Password: dublin (I think this is correct, but I can’t see the actual password so not sure if my memory serves me correctly on this one!)
APN: wap.vodafone.ie

These seem to work ok for me for using the internet, checkin email etc.

The only games I have on mine are simple card games and puzzle games. I am of the opinion that complex games on phones are a waste of money at the moment. What I want are simple, pick up for 5 minutes and then put down, games. ;)
Anyway, http://www.electronichut.com have a few card games like solitaire, blackjack etc. They also have a tetris clone which is fun. Just browse to the site using the “Blazer” internet browser and download them from there, they are only about 80k each I think.