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Keith, I know you say its only a tech demo and we’ll fix it later, but isn’t it a case that in the games world, if you like the first look of a game, its sticks in the mind and you need to work even harder to convert those that saw the earlier ‘tech demo’ version.
Its my belief that if you don’t think that your screen-shots reflect the final look of the game, you shouldn’t release them. Just my opinion….[/quote:85f51b5456]

good point. i dont think its a good idea to release screenshots of a commerical product with debug info etc being shown. it makes it hard for people to believe in the quality of the product because they get distracted by the text etc. although on a less criticial note its looking good, i too would like to know whether it will be a online download game, as its hard to compete with the likes of call of duty and halo etc.