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Good comments there :)
Illumina is aimed for low end PC machines, we don’t expect to compete with the latest games on the market which have greater graphical enhanced engines compared to the Torque Game Engine. Illumina is for gamers who can’t always afford to buy the lastest PC’s today & in the future. Illumina is an Indie game & we are expecting world-wide retail versions within Q1 of the new year of the complete gold version.

As for the Terra Demo, i released the shots here to gamedevelopers.ie community only, i will not need to do so in the future since we have to keep the rest under the hood. Terra is aimed towards the next gen consoles and PC, its not a online download game like the others. The Terra demo properly started only recently with the resources free to work on it. These screen-shots only show a small part of the overall demo & its 5 weeks work in total which i think is not bad at all by any standard. If we had the resources to really go all out on the Terra tech demo we would surely have made a far better version and in the games world we have to know when to stop and when to deliver what our goals are in surviving a very competitive industry in the small funded community of Irish game developers compared to other countries.

Myself would like to see more Irish indie or full commerical PC / console game developers in Ireland, we could sure need them for various reasons. Just my thoughts on it for what its worth. :)