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Only way to sort that out is to bring back bonus points, which I think is evident again from this years leaving cert results.

But in a capacity where they are not going to be abused to boost peoples chances of get into dentistry, med etc. Because if you don’t do it on a course by course basis (i.e. not just decide an A1 in honours maths now equals 140 points for all courses in universities\i.t.) you’ll have people choosing to do these course just because they can.

Wayhey i got 570-600 points, im going to be a doctor, although i hate blood and people, but mam and dad said it would be great to have one in the family :) We’ve all went to college with these folks.

But I guess if less and less people do CS, its good news for us folks ;) We’re in demand and can demand accordingly.lol. Good Times