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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to answer your questions the best I can…

Our product is not free, but we choose a business model which is fair for everybody, since developers using it pay an amount based on the MAU (we can discuss the numbers with interested people).
Hence, there are no big upfront costs associated with using it. You pay nothing during the test/evaluation or development phases, and are only invoiced when the game is released and you have active users.

A big difference with other free products (apart the fact that it aggregates more than just social features like leaderboards and achievements) is that you have access to your users. If they have filled their email when registering, we will provide you with a backoffice website where you can browse your users and details (language, email, your games they are playing, …) and you also have a frontend to send them some push notifications (update announcement, or even some more advanced game maintenance signals, …). We never hide your users to you as is often the case. Hey, if it’s free it means you are the product :) This way you can manage your mailing list of customers.

Last thing, it works in 2 flavours. There is a "mutualised" databases used by indies (and we do work currently with several indies, from the 1 man office to the middle sized studio), so all users share the same database, which lowers the costs (because Clan of the Cloud pays for the shared database), and on top of that it allows to do crossover stuff between games from different studios (there are some features in the SDK to allow to do this easily). For the bigger studios or publishers, there is a "white label" version which works on a completely different database, so their users are not mixed with other ones, but then it means they have to cover the costs for the necessary servers and databases.

We do have http://www.clanofthecloud.com right now but you won’t find a lot since all our efforts are on adding many more features every day…

Hope that helps :)