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Hows it going Ryan.

Well it sounds like you have a good bit of skills to you name. Good one.. I’m sure there should be a good few mobile device companies knocking about. Although not necessarily games related one. Motorola\Ericsson. My advice would be chuck the c.v. into some places like these or if you want the games job, possibly Nephin in Galway or Upstart in Cork\Dublin. These guys im sure would be interested in seeing as c.v., i know upstart have hired graduates in the past. A few people from my class in college work in the dublin branch, i think, or at least they did.

Also alot of the big games companies are now moving into mobile devices, EA has a division now i think (saw ads for it), also Sega has a division (they ported sonic to the samsung recently i think, sold a shed load). So might be worth getting in contact with a recruitment agency like Ardvark swift or Datascope and see what they might be able to offer ya.

Best of luck.