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Thanks for posting. I just got back. tried the project Holodeck. Interesting. It was just placeholder graphics but I enjoyed the experience. I hope the occulus rift catches on.
I also tried the cats ears. The rep said they do a range of more serious devices without ears and with more sensors. I think the cats ears were a bit of a waste. The ears are supposed to move to show your brain state but you cant tell what state you ears are which defeats the purpose of a brainwave biofeedback device. plus I looked stupid.[/quote:e9bdc9e49a]
It’s great work given that they are only 4 months in. The cat ears is a big draw for cosplayers, there’s even 3rd party ear customisations as well as tails to go with it! Here I am wearing the necomimi ears – https://twitter.com/whykay/status/281084091133227008/photo/1

I tried Project Holodeck as well, over a grand worth of kit per person was just wow, although compared to what one use to pay for to get the same environment and feel. It’s still quite rough around the edges, but it’s quite exciting. I finally saw the Oculus Rift, and knowing these folks are working on something that they hope would make it more affordable for consumers and developers is fantastic.

People should still try it out, it’s an experience, that’s for sure. A pair of kids were playing earlier and one of them asked after taking off the gear about when is it available to buy. Which is a great response, plus the kids really enjoyed playing with Project Holodeck, and it wasn’t about the graphics.