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If you’re thinking of doing the ballyfermot course I’d say do it first. You’ll get 2 years of games specific training and the can upgrade your diploma to a degree by a couple of other paths, ideal total time spent in college (to a degree) 3 years, if you go the other way you’re talking 3 years for your degree and then a futher 2 years for the diploma.

The Msc I would think be the better route from a level of education point of view. But keep in mind that games specific courses are new and that their vlaue has not yet really been decided on by the industry. Certainly if you want to become a programmer I would think straight up comp si/comp app while leaning your projects towards areas of interest within games would be a better idea.

My general offer as always still stands, if you want to know more about ballfermot from a student there drop me a pm