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LYIT are definitely going ahead with their MSc. As someone above stated Thomas Dowling is the man to contact. (He’s a civil guy, you’ll get his direct dial number on http://WWW.LYIT.IE, under staff). LYIT is a great place, and the lecturers really really really push you to work. But you come out with fantastic projects.

Also, UU Magee (www.infm.ulst.ac.uk) has a very strongly focused MSc in Computing & Design, which you can complete in one calendar year (12 months straight). Subjects include 3D Modelling & Animation (3DS Max) and Photoshop is used pretty much everyday. There is also a significant amount of research and documentation with this course, so if your not keen on technical writing, you mightn’t like this…

You should also look at NWIFHE’s HNC in Interactive Computer Entertainment. Its not a PostGrad, but its one hell of a year! The course is designed around the IGDA’s Curriculum Framework, and EVERY aspect is geared towards gaming. C/C++, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Level Editing, Engine Design, and DirectX are CORE to this course. Its scheduled as being only 3 days a week, but you’ll be in the HIGHLY-SPEC’d labs around the clock, all week. There is also the added bonus of them having a fully fledged Games Company, Phooka, down the hallway, so if you run into a problem, you’ve got people to ask. Robbie Hegarty is the man to talk to about this course. http://www.Nwifhe.ac.uk

Of all the courses I’ve completed, I’d recommend NWIFHE’s. If you’ve been studying Comp Sci for 3 years now, you’ve probably learned alot of Bullsh*t that you will never ever ever use (Ian Sommerville’s Software Engineering, Systems Analysis & Design come to mind…). Where as Derry Tech really just stripped away all the crap usually added to Comp Sci degrees and focused solely on programming and modelling for games.

So thats what I’d recommend, but it all depends on what you want to focus on. What is your field of interest? DirectX, Engine design, Level Editing, modelling, texturing, etc?