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anyone see the programme on Net 2 last night on games and violence. I only caught the last ten mins[/quote:77794be101]

Yeah I was watching it, it was ok it was fairly unbiased i thought, the americans violently against it were potrayed in a way which made them look very extreme, which was good for once. Although it showed Jack Thompson in a false light. portrayed him as this hero who travels around being the parents voice against the industry. that sucked, although it was made in 2003 so games like vice city was only out so that was on the agenda lots. And they showed WAY too much of “postal” ( btw w, was postal even released outside of the US? ) which is all the angry congress members used for their arguements.

And they left the age rating process until near the end without mentioning it throughout, even if it did show amazingly clear that the parents are responsible etc.

Climate is definitely a bit different now then when that was made in 2003