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I was recently talking with some guys from a games studio in the uk and they said that currently they dont like that game development courses which are popping up are teaching everything from sound\ai\graphics\gameplay\3d modelling\everything at once etc.

They said its very rare you find a good 3d modeller who is also an excellent coder, they dont really go hand in hand. Apparently the majority of demos they get from amateurs coders trying to get in contain boxes and cubes drawn in 3d max as place holders for real models. Which they said is fine, 3d modelling isnt your area, so dont try it. Stick to what you know and let the 3d modeller do their job.

They said that what they looked for in candidates was focus in one discpline fro example for working on the physics in a game, they required someone with a physics background, someone with a cs\eng background to do the general coding, someone with ai expertise for the ai (alot very little games use true ai but they said this will probably be addressed in the next gen consoles timespan etc), someone with expertise in graphics to do the graphics and sound engineer\dsp coders\sound experts to do the sound.

Just one other note, they did mentioned that you wouldnt start in a specialised area, you would go into a core team, so as to learn the technology etc, but then you’d specialise perhaps 1-2 years on

Therefore you have people which are very focused in one area, but they know this stuff to a great depth. So seems to me if you want in you have to specialise and go with your strengths, not try to do 5 disciplines at once in 3-4 years.