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I do not think we should allow recruitment companies, or people representing recruitment companies, to post here.

If Riot want to post here themselves I’m all for that.

Can we discuss deleting this thread, or not?[/quote:218e722b72]

Hi Faerdan, that’s fair enough if it is against the forum rules for a recruiter to contact candidates here. As I said, I have never gone to a forum before to advertise jobs, the only reason I am doing it now is because Riot want everyone they hire to be an LoL nut.

I thought that LoL players would be interested in knowing about the opportunities that Riot themselves do not have time to post like this due to the amount of applications they receive through the game or organically.

I’m not going to pursue anyone here or spam the site, anyone who is interested can contact me directly. I wont be posting specific job adverts or anything like that, just want people to know that the option is there.

I don’t really see how this could effect anyone outside those interested, is there a particular reason why you oppose the idea?