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It’s not him I despise, its that Rowling character. Anyone who claims responsibilty for degrading the work of JRR Tolkien and reducing it to the level of a 5 year old should be shot. repeatedly.[/quote:31fc551bfc]

What? thats idiocy. JK Rowling has wrote books that she wanted to write. She hasn’t done anything to the work of Tokien.
Its the marketing machine thats behind her that I despise.
As for the books, I read the first 4 i think, and feel no need to read the others. I’ve read far better books. Bus as people repeatedly say to me, “They children’s books!” So then why has the world gone mad and everyone from 5-80 reading them? I find nothing to relate to in the characters and I’m a big fan of fantasy and as such have read much better fantasy books. Maybe thats the charm, its people reading fantasy for the first time and not realising that it can be done so much better.