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Hrm, maybe its the excess amount of alcohol in my system after the post-film party that are clouding my judgement, but where are Two-Face and The Riddler mentioned?

Anyway I absolutly LOVED the film! Its a cracking film, I even went through two large buckets of popcorn during it which definitly says alot! The casting is flawless with Bale putting on a magnificent preformance as Batman and even the other (minor) characters putting on a great show.

It was funny actually, the last time I saw Gary Oldman was in Leon the other night on TV, it was definitly a major adjustment seeing him as the soon to be Commissoner, Gordon….

The Batmobile is abit “Xtreme” but for the purposes of the movie it fits in perfectly…i enjoyed the way the film explored how Bruce Wayne went about setting the scene for Batman and all his future gadgets…Batcave and all…

Gah sleepy time, anyway you get the picture…GO…SEE…THIS….FILM….