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As far as just an end user gaming point of view, I don’t think I want a ps3 until Metal Gear 4 comes out. Which will prob be next summer-ish. And with the whole online thing, or distinct lack of any sort of organisation on sony’s part with it, the 360 looks more and more inviting every few weeks.

Plus I’ve never owned the original xbox, so xbox live is this incredibly inticing thing that I think i want to be a part of now. Seems just really really cool. And with most upcoming games going multi-platform now, such as : Assassins Creed, Guitar Hero, GTA 4, Fatal Inertia etc I think there will be no need to get a ps3 because i’m sure they will look and play amazingly well on the 360.
Throw in exclusive games like gears of war, halo 3 and viva pinata amongst others, and I think I’ve finally made up my mind!!!!

Never thought i’d say it but i’ll buy a 360 in January I think.

Is it just me or does anyone think the Wii is really really poor and disappointing?