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the delivery is working, but the notification on the main page STILL isnt working.[/quote:8838bb1805]
Can you let me know exactly what you are expecting it to do?

Up until now, when you login, the site checks for any new messages since the last time you were active on the site. Note, there is difference between *unread* and *new* messages since your last visit. This is the standard behaviour for any forum running phpbb. I have now changed this on the front page to list the total number of *unread* pms in a person’s account.

There are 2 other ways you can be informed of new PMs, as Ronny has indicated. You can choose to have a popup window appear when you go to the forums section of the site, which allows you to go directly to your inbox. You can also have the site E-Mail you at the email address you registered with whenever you get a new pm. Both of these options are accessible in the profiles section of the site, by clicking on “My options” from the homepage, or clicking on your username in the top right of the page, followed by “forum settings” on the right hand menu.