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Hi Feral

Thank you for you reply.

That is the kind of input & advice im looking for. I agree with everything you said and I think I will need to put some thought into the posting ideas part. I could make an announcment of some sort saying if any ideas that are already on the forum are posted again it will be deleted. Also on th eactualy website I could put a simple list of the ideas to date listed out for everyone to see, so that people do not need to scroll through pages of ideas.

on the ‘everything posted publicly on the site was public domain’ part. The only way so far of a way around this is copyright all ideas (this can be done through Anpost) correct me if I am wrong! and again make a notice to say everything posted in public domain.

Im thinking of the top of my head here. I will need to do a little more research into this.

We already have a full game story and missions writen out. We have copyright for it and I will eventually post on the site and let the public give us their feedback. We also have 2 other general concept game ideas that will post.