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Alot of the budget for Ghost Busters I would imagine would be marketing. As for selling like hot cakes, doubt it. This license apparently has been bouncing around for a while. If it was so lucrative it’d have been made already :) Also perhaps final payments on licenses happen only when it hits shelves.. Also there hasent been much coverage of this game, especially if it out in October.

I am however a little worried with the way this merger has went down. I would regard High Moon Studios and Radical to be top developers and a bit of a shame their getting axes brought to them. I recently played Bourne Conspiracy and throughly enjoyed it. Looks and played great and proved it is possible to do something decent with tv/movie/book licenses. Also Prototype looked extremely promising.

Hope Swordfish in the UK get bought by someone good. I’ve definately seen too many studios and mates being axed in the last few months to do me a life time. How many we at in the last few months ?? (SRS, Razorworks, Venom).