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Maybe they got a good deal on license now that further film sequels very unlikely?

Was #7 on IGN Xbox 360’s Most Anticipated Games of 2008
Prototype was #5. Not getting into how reputable ign is I think being in top ten anticipated lists is an indicator that sales will be good but coverage definitely needs to be upped.


IMHO I wouldnt put much mass in ign’s anticipated games (heavenly sword was up there last year) and we know how well that did.
Means zero for the majority on that list, I know plenty of games on list like these in the past which have flopped. Marketing at the end of the day makes or breaks your game. I would put Too Human as my latest tip for failure..lol

Sure Ghostbusters would have been looked forward to, but would people lash out 60 euro on a game cause its on this list. Its gotta worth a spend of hard cash, at the end of the day reviews mean very little, consumer makes up their own mind.