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We (savvybear.com) posted an internship not too long ago on GD.ie. We had a few applicants.

We use flash in here but our decision was made for the programmer internship mainly based on the applicants portfolio.

The guy we picked had never used flash but knew how to programme and sent us over 6 prototypes he was working on. He knew a few languages and was just out of college like yourself but the portfolio was what swung it for him. He learned how to use flash on his first day and now is tipping away programming mini games for our savvybear app on iPads.

So my advice is have a portfolio with a few prototypes and preferably a finished game even if it’s small.[/quote:dce87a888a]

That’s interesting that the guy you took had no Flash. I remember seeing the position and specifically not putting my name forward because we never touched Flash in college!