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Oh really? Thanks, I’ll check that out. Is the sandisk in the shape of a memory stick duo, or are you talking about a mini-sd adaptor? Because if there are adaptors, I already have a 2gb mini-sd I bought in Aldi the other day…are there such things as mini-sd adaptors that fit into the PSP? Do you have custom firmware on yours? Do you know if the sandisk works with customfirware?

(Damn Sony and their exclusive storage formats :) )[/quote:06d94d2cf6]

1: Ya you can get san disk in the shape of memory stick duo. Thats the one you want. These go up as far as 8gb, last time I checked. Although rumour was a 16gb was on the horizon.

2: Yes I have custom firmware.

3: Yes it does indeed work, load times are a hell of alot faster than from umd.

Note: Typically, sandisk units are marginally faster than sony ms. One thing you may find is though some psp’s have problems with streaming from larger than 2gb mem sticks (both for sandisk and sony). Video will stutter etc.

If you encounter this problem theres two solutions.

1: try reformating it using your psp system utility (dont just pop in pc, drag over stuff and run). Formatting it properly in the psp will in 90% of cases fixes this problem AFAIK (it did for me).

2: If formating doesnt work you probably need a custom .prx file (its a lib) from a previous sony firmware (which increases the byte read block size). This was reduced for some reason in subsequent versions. If you dont know what im talking about here, google it.

(As for sony storage format being exclusive its not, otherwise you couldnt use a san disk solution ;) )