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Aye. I had problems with the laptop as soon as I got it but then the Tech support were extremely helpful then(a year ago) and diagnosed it as faulty graphics card. One was shipped out to me and I installed it myself. The problem is it wasn’t the graphics card but the motherboard. If you install the AGP drivers the system crashes or has artifacts, don’t and it works fine with a small hit to the graphical performance. I had to put up with it as I needed the laptop for my final year project. The DVD drive began to stick and then finally wouldn’t work at all. It was then I went through the fiasco of talking to the tech guys. In the end I’ve lost all faith in AW and would never recommend them to anyone. The price of their systems are too high for anyone to have to put up with a bad level of service.

Its probably my own fault for putting up with it so long, but as I said it’s tainted my views on AW.