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Yeah there are a lot people that just don’t seem to use GD.ie these days and I’m not too sure of the reason really. The following are just some ramblings and my ideas/thoughts.

I know that I registered irishgamedev.com to initially just pull in people’s tweets in relation the hashtag and so people can know who else tweets using it (rather than having to search all the time too).

There is also a private Facebook group which I know a lot of users here partake in and find it very useful for opening conversations with people that I wouldn’t even know about previously. This was something I proposed a while ago for GD.ie to do and the idea kind of got brushed off.

I create the Google Calendar for IGD as I wanted it to easily sync with my phone and share with others as everyone kept mentioning that they didn’t know events were happening.

I have also started the IGD Newsletter which I hope to send out at the start of the month with news and events happening for the coming month so people can get a refresher about everything that’s going on.

AND ….. I just started the IGD podcast. It’s really just me, on Skype, having a chat with who ever has a topic they’d like to discuss (and hopefully the first episode will be posted this evening).

What I’m saying about all this is stuff I wished GD.ie provided. Like on the calendar front, I do peek at the Events page from time to time to see if I’ve got everything wants. And the newsletter just seemed like a natural extension of it.

The podcast I’m really just calling it the IGD podcast as I’m not sure what else to call it. I don’t mind having it the GD.ie podcast with other people doing the talking from time to time. I just love hearing peoples stories and insights.

I see GD.ie being the central repository and THE go to point for anything games related in Ireland (which is kind of is). There will always be other groups such as Unity groups, Game Music groups, student groups, city groups, indie groups … etc but GD.ie needs to be the thing that connects them all.