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Looks fanatastic alright…

The only thing I hope they don’t do is thread the line they did with Godzilla where people didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or not. Then he just goes and dies at the end… :?[/quote:fe5c1b8171]

Thats the whole point of Kong. The fact that he isn’t a monster out to destroy everyone, but he is just an intelligent animal that gets messed about by humans. If the audience don’t feel sorry for Kong at the end of this film then PJ will have dropped the ball bigtime. But I don’t think he will, seeing as King Kong is something that he holds very dear and in such high regard.
That’s what is so differant with King Kong, the fact that is isn’t just a mindless monster movie. I love the original King Kong and this remake is my most anticipated movie all year, which is saying something because this year has been fantastic so far for movies.

Forget the disaster that was Godzilla. That movie is nothing but ape dung stuck under Kongs fingernails.