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Its been a year since Mal’s original post. I’m now ineligible to vote since my IGDA membership has run out ;)[/quote:d4ae7f4a19]maybe you should think of renewing so we can benefit from your wisdom, Ivan!

Seriously though, its a topic that still comes up a lot at the org committee meetings, but until we resolve at least to some extent the many issues (see replies to the original posts ont his topic) raised previously this isn’t really a runner.

Personally I’ve changed my mind on some of the issues. For one, I know think the main criteria for standing for election should be time available (as opposed to ability/contacts). Ability can be learned over time and introductions can be made. We’re seeing less involvement due to time constraints by some of the org committee and are less active than previous years as a result (although I still believe we’re punching above out weight compared to many other single city chapters)

Anyone care to make a stab at some suggestions to the issues?