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Well if there’s one thing the modern world is teaching me on a daily basis, it’s that you ain’t gonna get anywhere these days by basing your projections in reality. You gotta be promising that you’re the ‘best’ or ‘no 1’ or some other ‘moon and stars’ scenario or folk just ain’t that interested. Of course, the problem with reality is that you can’t avoid it.
I do find it a little worrying that our primary lobbying body for the industry here should come out with such a seemingly unrealistic and downright juvenile statement. Were they misquoted? Do they mean best in the British Isles (though even that’s hard to fathom)? I wonder what’s going to happen between now and 2016 that’ll make Ireland ‘No1’ for games development? I guess if every other first world nation (and some third world nations) made games development illegal we might be in with a shot. HEY! Games Ireland! You wanna explain? Maybe let the community in on the plan here?