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Hey John!

Good to hear from you! Glad things went well for you at Next-Fest. I dont know if its much use to you, but myself and Phil actually have a place on the games course, commencing in September. Were in the process of finalizing accomodation etc. Since its too late to send in your UCAS, i assume your talking about going next year- september 06. Well we are skipping the first year and are probably only going to be doing 2 years there, skipping the years work experience. But i can gladly answer any questions you have to the best of my knowledge, as it stands, and i can certainly give you some feedback during the college year as to how its going etc

But Teesside seems to be the pick of the bunch in the UK. Apparently they have spent mutli-millions on new labs recently including a 12 camera motion capture studio :D So im really looking forward to it anyway.

Talk soon,