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Can’t really think of much stuff specific to Ireland that hasnt been mentioned already…

In general though , notable events were…

World Of Warcraft, althought being released last November finally comes into its own and breaks the barrier between popular online gaming and the world of beardy weirdy making online RPG-ing slightly more “cool”.

3D Realms resurrects Prey at the E3, demo to be released before Christmas.

On the hardware front nVidia finally broke the usual launch trend by having a non-paper launch and having GTX units in the stores on the day of release. ATi on the other hand are still dragging their heels.

Creative launched the X-Fi series of audio cards, the first decent jump in desktop audio preformance since the original Soundblaster top Audigy jump. Gamers were specifially targeted with the release of the Fatal1ty version of the board as were many other areas as he whored his name out to the likes of Abit, Auravision and other manufacturers.

Sony and Nintendo release the next-gen in portable gaming with the PSP and DS.

…don’t know how many of those are relevant in this case though…