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My point was that she has taken many elements of Tolkiens work and integrated them into her own, at the same time aiming the book at a younger audience. Now while this is done cosntantly its the effect that it has on people that gets to me. I’m told constantly that “Oh its a good way to get into Lord Of The Rings” and thats what really makes me angry. You don’t need to “get into” it, you either like and appreciate it or you don’t. If the size of the book is overwhelming then read The Hobbit. But a book of that caliber being called the “biggest”, “most popular” or I’ve even read “one of the most entertaining” is a disgrace.[/quote:1332ccb7b6]
My apologies. However, I think she’s within her right to do that. Its the public perception that I’m still more annoyed with. Because its not the norm to read the likes of LOTR, people read Potter instead and thats the biggest shame.