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You seem to be very smart in your development. Much better to have outside contractors with set rates and deadlines. The wages and deadlines of programmers/artists etc are someone elses problem not yours. Very clever and its the best way to get into the business. Plus the people you hire are experienced and have great advise on your game design document and package.

Some advise, try keep the names of your subcontractors discreet on your website etc.., publishers casually browsing might bypass frantic and go straight to them with proposals. Take them off the homepage and put them on a partners page or something. Make people aware of Frantic Games, not your contractors. Even on these boards, it just makes business sense. For example what if somebody saw the link and decided to hire them…could mean they juggle resources and place less emphasis on you.

Watch every cent that you spend and stay focused. Aim to produce the best quality and you will be a success. Best of luck.