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Well since I work at Ericssons to pay for this project, every penny is spent wisely. We have several contractors available, and several studios available to do our work. We merely list one, because they are more prominent in our developments.

With the new site I will consult with them and find out exactly what they want us to do, and if its ok to remove them. But given that we have a good strong relationship with them, I wouldnt want to jump right in and remove them from our site. They certainly have a large enough crew to handle multiple projects.

I also forgot to mention in 2005 we developed a small indie racing game as part of a community effort. This helped to promote us, and show how easy it would be to mod 1944


I just want to add, that if you want to make sure an artist doesnt waste your time. Give them a piece of work that you expect to be met. For example the above weapons are a good starting point for us. So we would ask a developer if they can meet those standards. If their portfolio doesnt match the standard. Then request them to do a trial segment or piece. This can be just a portion of a texture or an un-optomised model.

My own personal rule of thumb. 4 hours for a weapon, 8 hours for a base character, 2 hours fo each further character (no head changes), 6 hours for a vehicle. Texture are far harder, but you can expect about 2 hours for an unwrap and 4 hours per map. Normal Mapping is another issue with a ZBrush work taking about 5 hours or alternatively a high poly model taking about 8 hours.

If you are being charged more than this, I would consider looking into how efficient their workflow is. Obviously its all subjective given the different degree’s of complexity of a piece. But still its fair to say that since you are paying you have a right to know where your money is going.