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You thinks thats bad? I was advised by neraly every one of my teachers not to do a Computer Science degree of any kind. “Theres no jobs” etc… was their reasoning. Complete rubbish to be honest. It wasnt until I went to the career guidance teacher at a different school that she looked ay my results, smiled, and asked the simple question “What do you want to do?”

Basically I chose to do Computer Applications in DCU because (although I knew in my heart I wanted to get into the games industry I also knew that its a tough area to crack and since I hadnt any real experience how did I know I would like it) a general computer degree will give you the freedom to persue most areas of computing when you graduate. If you really want to specialise in Game Design after you graduate then just go and do a Masters program in that area. Thats what I intend doing anyway…now that I know for definite what I want to do. :D