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I would think one of the most important differences between the two consoles is the ease of development.[/quote:10277c2c62]
I disagree.
The most important things are price and accessories. PS3 is way too expensive for every house to have one at the moment, the user-base is going to take a long time to fill, and in that time a lot of people will have gone for the cheaper option of the 360 because it has already gone through 6 (?) iterations of the Live format and it seems to be pretty solid and everyone likes the way it works. Haven’t seen PS3 Live yet, but I’ve heard its not as user-friendly. 360 also has a lot of games out already, so if you were buying, would you buy the one with 5 games or 50? Okay, so they may all be rubbish, but thats another point.

If games are signed up, its up to developers to make them for the specified platform, may be harder for them to do a certain platform, but it will get done one way or another.