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1. Has anyone here got an iPhone?


2. Is it any good?

Yes. Understanding that it’s a mobile computer with good graphics, a big screen, accelerometer, location aware…

…that can’t do MMS, record video or Cut/Paste.

3. Is there any current games for it?

The Jailbreak market has been very productive. This week, there will be DOZENS of games for it.

4. Are they any good?

Yeah, a lot of them rely on the accelerometer for movement due to the lack of physical buttons though you can tap on the screen in multiple places at the same time which works. You do lose something in the feedback though.

5. Have you tried writing your own for it?

God no. But I am trying to find people interested in writing games for it.

Remember, this week the App Store opens. And the 3G+GPS version of the phone is released.