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That’s a really sore point for me. When we did it, the impression we got was that it was a 10 week project. We felt a bit sneaky in that we started building our level editor in our own time 2 weeks before the competition started, but felt justified in that it was entirely our own code whereas other teams were buying in engines to use. These days you hear about students doing their 3rd year project on the basis that they can expand on it in 4th year and then bring it into Dare. For me, it breaks the ethos of the competition. I asked about it at one point and the starting point of work that you bring into the competition is taken on-board when the judging takes place, but I can’t see how a thoroughly polished game that took say 8 weeks of polish isn’t going to win against a game with 10 weeks of hard graft from scratch for example. I’m not a fan of this approach :(