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Aphra K

well I know some ex Multimedia students in DCU who ended up teaching games related stuff and did projects in their course on games so they had related projects for a portfolio.

Multimedia courses are generally what they say they are and do not tend to be games related, although you might have room to do game related projects..

I would suggest you look at the scope to exploit courses and projects in your current course while also building a portfolio. Generally multimedia courses are great to learn the basics of quick downloadable games or mobile games and that is certainly a good area to start given your background.

You could think about using this site to recruit a team for the Dare to be Digital competition .. that would be one way to work with a team and show your stripes in game design

Then maybe think about transferring to another course or doing a postgraduate course…but you may not need to leave to achieve what you want to achieve.

just some thoughts…

actually I thought there were a few people into games and teaching games in WIT?