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Activision-Blizzard developments "have presented [Sony Pictures Consumer Products, owner of Ghostbusters IP] with an opportunity to re-evaluate the game release marketing strategy to potentially coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film in ’09."

Miffed. 09 better mean January first.[/quote:19f9b89ce6]

lol, thought so alright."Presented with an opportunity", great guys alright helping Sony out like that, giving them a break.

They want Sony to spend the marketing budget, because I reckon its going to be very large, in order to push Ghostbusters to the masses. Biggest challenge is pulling in the teens because most of them probably dont know much about the franchise as it was well before their time.

As for 09 Jan dunno, could be any time really because a 25th anniversary for companies run all year. They wouldnt want to leave it too long though as every day you delay your tech and game get older looking.