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P.S @peter_b: love your simpsons quote[/quote:c282b53383]

Thats actually stewie from family guy..

As for how to boost your chances.

1: Have a very good degree grad. 1.1 or 2.1

2: Have some sort of demo in an area of games programming that your interested in. i.e. if you like ai code up a pathfinding algorithm, if you like graphics do some cool effects like particles or motion blur or something else, using latest tech like shaders etc.

3: Make it apparent on your c.v. or cover letter that you like video games and that you know how their made.

4: And most importantly “MAKE SURE ITS IN C\C++”, if its in Java\C# your pretty much wasting your time unfortunately. Too many grads are submitting work in these languages and while their often very good we don’t use these languages in games. Some studios possibly use C# for tools related tasks but basically everyone who works on games tools or the actual code need to be proficient in C\C++.