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There are 2 games courses at Ballyfermot;

Ludo (that PLC you mentioned) a one year introduction to games, its pretty well established at this stage and people have gone into the industry from there. If you’ll have another qualification already for the letters after your name I’ d say go for this to get the games specific skills, not every course you do needs to add to your current level (ie be a higher degree, then a masters etc.) and it would take 1 year.

and the second course:

Computer games design & development, a 2 year higher national diploma that you can top up to an honours MM degree with 1 further year in house. This is the one I’m on and I feel I’ll be a competent game designer /level designer at the end of it. Those who have been pushing 3d seem very happy as well.

Personally I think the best route for a designer seems to be a good generalist qualification backed up with either a serious portfolio (to demonstrate all necessary design skills) or a games thread from final year, or a short games course (the reputation of the course is important here so that prospective employers feel that graduates are sufficiently skilled.

On the other hand I’m perfectly happy to put all my eggs in one basket and have a games basic course and possibly a further games qualification on top of that.