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Thanks a million to those posts, im a complete n00b to the games industry, and ive no idea how graduates are perceived, and what qualities are needed, so both posts are extremely helpfull in giving me an idea of what im up against.

I do think ill stick with what im going (i dont hate it that much) and get a good result at the end. As you said, at least its shows a bit of grit and determination. I started work on the Valve SDK and Hammer tool. Its my first dig at map design since Quake about 4 years ago, where i made a block-room with a single railgun. Ive really enjoyed it, and its spurred off a few ideas in my head of stuff to do.

So yea ill grin and bear my MM course for the moment, and leave my web design days behind for some more graphics and design based projects. And then as nifty was saying, maybe get a top-off course to add to my qualifications.

So yea, thanks a mill lads. If any1 else has anything they recon i should know about, please share. I need all the help i can get.

Ill take you up on the pint too.
As long as u dont try and kiss me. :lol: